Ibis Hotel Sydney Façade Upgrade repainting & Remedial

The owners at Ibis Hotel Sydney Airport were planning to carry out major façade repainting and repair works which included a multitude of new colours and design features ( provided by their architects ) to enhance the hotels external appearance.

The managers were most concerned with minimizing  interruption to their guests during the major works , especially with regards to noise and the visual nuisance of scaffolding.

After being informed about CPR Façade Upgrades Patented Scaffold Free remedial and painting  services and  being provided by a very competitive tender, the owners signed a contract with CPR to carry out the building works.

The key reasons the owners choose CPR were as follows.

  1. CPRs Scaffold Free Technology assured the mangers of minimum noise, interruption or disturbance to all their guests.
  2. The turnaround for completion was only seven weeks , which was 30 percent quicker than conventional contractors.
  3. The cost saving alone was in excess of $45,000
  4. The superior After care and long term cleaning of the façade which would maintain the ‘ As New look ‘ of the Hotel over the duration of the warranty period.

The final result delivered a stunning new image for the Hotel, all completed with minimal fuss or inconvenience to the hotel guests and total project was completed on time and on budget.

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