Repainting high rise building


Choosing the correct colour for your property can save you money, while also increasing the longevity and durability of paintwork.
Our colour consultants can help you make the right choice for your budget and environmental conditions. For example, some colours require three coats instead of the usual two, which involves extra cost. Higher prices can also be incurred with deeper shades or higher hues. Meanwhile, certain colours are less robust in certain climates and aspects.
CPR offers an innovative iColour matching device that accurately matches the colour of any surface to the nearest colour with the click of a button. The device can also provide colour design for your project, so you can see what your new colour scheme will look like prior to painting. All matched colours as filed by CPR for future reference.
CPR also has extensive, award-winning experience in heritage finishes. We understand the importance of applying the right heritage colour schemes to buildings…

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