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Installing anchors to your property is simple. 

Anchors are installed at roof level and are unobtrusive to the occupants. Once installed can be used as an on-going access system for future building maintenance such as: 

Painting, remedial, cleaning, plumbing and glazing.

FUS Anchor systems are durable up to 50 years and are completely waterproof. 

Our Height and Safety Managers are accredited installers of the anchors used for any operation that requires it. 

Click on the Image to see the Enlarge Version
Click on the Image to see the Enlarge Version

Our Anchor Installation is utilised with our patent pending access sytems PEARS™ (Portable Elevator Access Rope System) and SkyPod™ Workstations.


FUS is accredited for the installation of multiple types and brands of anchor products with Height Safe Solutions. 

We install to manufacturers specifications and Australian standard – AS/NZS 1891.4


Anchors need to be certified for use. When you book with FUS we promise to re-certify our anchors at no cost; under our 10 year warranty, prior to the next FUS use of the anchors. 

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In many cases our experienced access leaders install temporary Anchors. 

If your building has suitable roof structure such as columns, timber purlings, beams or other suitable steel structures; FUS will be able to use them as anchors for our PEARS™ and SkyPod™ Systems. 


Click on the Image to see the Enlarge Version
5 June 2019 Reference from Buildcorp to CPR Group Australia. This reference is to inform the reader that CPR Group Australia, specialist access innovators and providers of engineering, remediation and painting services, were engaged by Buildcorp to undertake concrete remediation and repainting at 8 Brown Street, Chatswood NSW. This large concrete and rendered building is 18 years old, 22 stories high and consists of 117 private residential apartments and a 165 apartment hotel managed by the Mantra group. It is situated on a busy corner in Chatswood opposite the railway station and presented numerous challenges to carry out the extensive concrete repairs safely and effectively. Since commencement in December 2018, CPR Group has successfully completed in excess of $800,000 in concrete spalling and render repairs to the building’s façade areas. We are pleased to say that all works including heavy demolition have been executed in a safe, organised and efficient manner. CPR’s scaffold-free access process, which includes its patented Portable Elevators and SkyPod workstations, provided safer and quicker access for tradespeople, whilst minimising any inconvenience for the occupants. Tradespeople and management at CPR provided the service of a well-disciplined team and delivered quality finished trade results to required specification and industry standards on time and on budget. In the light of CPR’s achievements on this challenging job, Buildcorp would not hesitate to either recommend or utilise CPR on future projects requiring safe height access and large scale remedial, engineering and painting works.
Matthew Ball
General Manager, Buildcorp Asset Solutions
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