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SkyPod™ Workstations

SkyPod™ Workstations allow tradesmen to work safely at heights. The encapsulated
design allows tradesmen to better manage, organise and navigate their work

10 Reasons to Choose Scaffold-Free

It has Australia’s best
safety record

Minimal impact on
resident/tenant privacy

No damage to roofs
gardens and facades

No need to access
private apartments

Quiet and Unobtrusive

No carbon footprint

Up to 20% cheaper
than scaffolding

Trained tradesmen
deliver superior results

Perfect for difficult
access jobs

Regular warranty
checks are a breeze

How We Set Up SkyPodTM

It was not easy to keep all residents happy but your highly professional approach made the whole job look so simple – from the moment of negotiation all the way to the final touch ups. Every request from our side was met with acceptance with smile. Mark, congratulations on organizing such a good team. I don’t know how you did it but you definitely have the right formula. It will be my pleasure to recommend your company and looking forward to see you soon regarding some additional work
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