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Builders License NSW: 249124C
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  • We serve Strata , Commercial, Industrial, Government & all Infrastructure.
  • We do not service private residential works.
  • We only service buildings above three stories.
Privacy Policy
The privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) regulates the handling, holding, use, access and collection of personal information (including sensitive information) about individuals. Personal information is information or an opinion about an identified or reasonably identifiable individual.
The Company takes its obligations under the Privacy Act seriously when handling all personal information, including information about employees and applicants.
Personal information may be collected during your employment, including during the recruitment process.
Personal information can include details relating to your:
(a) Recruitment, performance, discipline, resignation or termination;
(b) Terms and confitions of engagement;
(c) Personal contact details;
(d) Hours of work or remuneration;
(e) Membership of a professional or trade association or trade union;
(f)  Leave entitlements; and
(g) Banking, taxation or superannuation details.
We may also access or collect any computer, internet, phone, or other records or information that has been created or accessed during the course of your employment using company equipment or resources.
We may also collect information relating to your health or personal circumstances, where this is disclosed and relevant to your role, such as where a nominated treating doctor has disclosed restrictions on an employee’s ability to perform certain tasks for their safety.
Management of records
 The primary purpose for collecting this information is to maintain your employee records and adequately manage your employee records and adequately manage your employment circumstances, salary and superannuation details. We will only retain your personal information for as long as it is required for this reason, or where we are otherwise required to retain this information by law.
The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information collected is stored in a secure manner, regardless of whether it is collected or stored in electronic or paper format. We will ensure that such information is protected from unauthorised disclosure, and will only share such information for purposes related to the management of your employment circumstances, or where legally required to do so.
You may request access to, including correction where applicable, to any records regarding your employment, unless this would unreasonably impact on the privacy of others, or breach the Company’s legislative obligations.
Employee Obligations
Employees must also take their obligations under the Privacy Act seriously.

You must ensure that you handle any employee or client personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and do not disclose it unlawfully. This includes ensuring that any personal information you encounter during your employment is kept private and used only for a proper purpose.
Breaches of this policy are taken seriously and disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination, may be taken for such breaches.
If you have any question about this policyor would like further information, please contact CPR Facade Upgrades Specialist website
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