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SkyPod™ WorkStations

SkyPod™ Workstations allow tradesmen to work safely at heights. The encapsulated
design allows tradesmen to better manage, organise and navigate their work
SkyPod™ Workstations allow tradesmen to work safely at heights. The encapsulated design allows tradesmen to better manage, organise and navigate their work environment.
SkyPod™ combines the use of industrial rope access with advanced portable elevation technology to ensure optimal safety. Cleaning, Inspections and any other critical jobs required to upgrade or maintain building facades. The team that designed SkyPod™ have a combined experience of over 50 years working at heights, with extensive first-hand knowledge in rope access.
Recognising the safety deficiencies and limitations in conventional rope access to carry out key remedial & painting works in a safe manner led to the development of SkyPod™

Key Limitations of Conventional Rope Access

  1. Need to employ skilled access technicians, who often have little or no trade experience.

  2. Requirement for all access to be initiated from the roof.

  3. Need to continually enter the building at ground level and to use lifts to roof level.

  4. Limitations of how much can be carried safely.

  5. Hazard of user traversing over roof edges.

  6. Difficult sitting work position and unhealthy issues it creates for the users.

  7. Inability of operators to use their legs whilst working.

  8. Limited ability to control drops of tools, materials even building debris.

In conventional rope access systems, users are confined to a chair and must attach all tools to their harness, increasing the risk of injury and the potential to drop tools.
However, SkyPod™ users have full mobility inside the work unit and have ample space to carry all the required tools of the trade. Additionally, all tools and equipment are secured by an individual lanyard to the SkyPod™ and not the operator.
Existing rope access also requires the operator to access the building, lifts and roof area where they commence their decent. On the other hand, SkyPod™ users leave from the ground upwards with all their tools and equipment inside the work unit. This minimises interruption to buildings occupants, increases efficiency and overall safety.
In conventional height access, tradesmen are often limited or have no training in operating the equipment and are left unsupervised. SkyPod™ is different as it utilises Level 2 or 3 PEARS™ (Portable Elevation Access Rope Safety) technicians, who require a minimum 1, 000 hours of experience and training. PEARS™ technicians set up the encapsulated height access and stay on site to manage safety during the course of use.

Key Features of SkyPodTM

  1. Once the operator/s anchor SkyPod™ to the wall, a fully encapsulated work site is established. This provides for absolute safety and removes the potential of items falling to ground.

  2. SkyPod™ is designed so that all its parts are anchored in at least two locations, which are subsequently anchored to the roof of the building or structure. Additionally, the material basket itself is designed to carry high loads and acts as a third catchment providing total safety.The material is UV stabilised and Fire retardant (2755.2 /B1).

  3. SkyPod™ provides operators with protection from the sun, wind and rain..When working in the direct sunlight on large buildings on hot summer days, operator fatigue and heat stroke are two key health risks that can be removed or at least minimised with SkyPod™.

  4. SkyPod™’s light construction and concertina “foldaway” design provides for easy transport, set up, dismantling and movement ensuring low risk for injury. when being handled

  5. Conventional height work platforms (e.g. swing stages, scaffolding) can ordinarily only be used on buildings or structures with flat roofs. However, SkyPod™ can be used to access any type of building or structureincluding buildings that do not have flat roofs (e.g. pitch roofs, metal roofs, even glass roofs), or even no roofs at all such as bridges, towers, masts, industrial work sites, football stadiums, etc.

  6. SkyPod™ is designed to be user friendly. It can be operated by simple Bluetooth technology. It has a single button for elevation and another button for descent. It really is as simple as using an elevator.

  7. The use of this system requires a two-day training course (including a National Mandatory Working at Heights module). SkyPod™ has been designed to be used by all types of tradesincluding but not limited to painters, renderers, glaziers, concreters, builders and engineers.

  8. SkyPod™ has been designed by a team of Trade Access Specialists with a combined total of over 300,000 hours of working safely at heights.

  9. SkyPod™ provides Total Height Safety. It is also easier, quieter, and more affordable than conventional access.It can be set up and erected and disassembled in a fraction of the time so tradesmen can complete their work with much less disruption and costs to the building owners and occupants.

  10. SkyPod™ is a patented design.
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