Project details

Project overview

“EL Dorado Apartments” -This brick building of eight storeys had a level of difficulty in accessing each storey to thoroughly clean, repair and finally paint.

It was only possible to access with our unique system of PEARs and our experienced staff who completed the job in five weeks and with a great review of our client.

Key Facts

  • Client: EL Dorado Apartments
  • Height of property: 8 Storeys
  • Building Type: Residences/Offices: 40 Units
  • Location: 4 Bligh Place, Randwick
  • Work Completed: Cleaning, Repairing, Re-Painting
  • Timeframe: 5 Weeks


"I highly recommend CPR to anyone considering painting as I am confident that you will be as impressed as I was with their work. Especially due to lower cost involved using the Rope Access Method."
- Mr. Michael Tetretov, (Treasurer)