Project details

Project overview

The EC of Mantra Chatswood, a 165-room hotel and adjoining private apartments of an additional 117 units had not carried out any major façade upgrades in over 17 years. This had resulted in major render and concrete failure and the paintwork was looking terrible. The buildings façades were desperately in need of attention and serious rectification.

The EC appointed Buildcorp as the head contractor who subsequently engaged our team at CPR to carry out the required remedial works with our Patented Scaffold-Free™ technology. Our team utilized our unique SkyPod™ workstations to carry out over 3,000 defect repairs and apply an Ardex water-proof membrane onto all exterior walls.

The job was done in a safe and timely manner and our Engineers and supervisors worked closely with the management team at Buildcorp to ensure that all works were completed to the highest order.

Job Specifications

  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Mantra Chastwood
  • Address: 8- 10 Brown St, Chatswood NSW 2067
  • Property Type: Strata apartments, and Mantra Hotel
  • Work Completed: Major render, concrete repairs and application of full Ardex waterproof coating to facades

    Savings with CPR Scaffold-Free™ technology - $150k +
  • Job Duration: 20 Weeks
  • Staff & Mgmt onsite: 12

Job Reference Contact

Name: Yann Guihard
Position: Civil Engineer
Company: Buildcorp
Phone #: 0406040356


As a Building Manager for the past 14 years, I am very satisfied with the difficult access painting and repairs that were completed on the steel mast and crown on the 43rd floor of the building.
Matthew Ball
General Manager, Buildcorp Asset Solutions

Key Benefits with CPR Scaffold-Free™ Technology

  • Total transformation of the buildings’ appearance
  • Substantial financial savings to the owners
  • Award winning workmanship
  • Minimal intrusion to occupants
  • Extended 10 year warranty
  • Extended 10 year warranty
  • Superior after care cleaning and maintenance / every three years