Project details

Project overview

The Owners at Greenwood Apartments, Killara NSW, a Strata complex of 50 apartments received an order from their local council instructing them to remove the combustible cladding panels from their buildings’ facade.

They obtained quotes from a number of suppliers and builders and decided to engage CPR Façade upgrades based on their competitive tender, experience in major facade remedial projects and the benefits of using CPR’s Scaffold-Free™ Technology.

The cladding had been installed as small features in over 50 different locations around the property. The owners requested CPR to remove and not replace the cladding that had been installed over glass balconies but to re- install new certified noncombustible cladding over certain wall areas.

The property also had some major cracks in the brickwork and render repairs that were required to be undertaken at the same time.

Job Specifications

  • Client: Greenwood Apartments
  • Address: 2-8 Bruce, Killara NSW 2071
  • Property Type: Strata apartment building
  • Work Completed: Removal of combustible cladding and replacement with certified non-combustible panels. Rectification of brick cracking and render repairs Savings with CPR Scaffold-Free™ technology - $60k +
  • Job Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Staff & Mgmt onsite: 3

Key Benefits with CPR Scaffold-Free™ Technology

  • Total transformation of the buildings’ appearance
  • Substantial financial savings to the owners
  • Award winning workmanship
  • Minimal intrusion to occupants