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Pinnacle Apartments is a mixed use residential/hotel complex in Newcastle NSW. The owners were having terrible issues with water ingress on the main facades, water was penetrating through broad walls into living areas and bedrooms; so much so that a number of apartments were inhabitable due to the dampness and smells.

Our engineers undertook investigations to identify what was the root cause and then worked to prepare a specification for repair. It was found that the façade walls and window edges had not been sealed well on construction and this had further led to vast amounts of concrete spalling on the exterior.

A remedy was set to remove and replace all damaged joints and repair all areas of concrete spalling.
Then the façade was sealed with a solvent primer and finished in two very thick coats (500 micron) of
waterproof membrane from Emer-Clad. In fact over 6,000 litres of Emer-Clad was used on the
exterior walls.

The end result achieved the owners goals of making the complete building waterproof whilst simultaneously giving the external facade a new look.

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Job Reference Contact

Name: Martin Marossezeky
Position: Professor of Civil Engineering
Company: BCRC NSW Pty Ltd
Phone #: 0412446916

  • 2017 DIFFICULT ACCESS OVER $500,000


The paintwork on this high-rise building in the heart of Newcastle could only be completed by rope access. This required extensive coordination with residents and building management and expert project management.
- Judges commetns
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